Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to the old school...

We just got these bad dudes in the mail from our friend Jeffrey Darkness. They will be available until we run out of them at shows, or you can add $2.00 to any order and get one that way. Send an email for patch-only orders, but be quick, we only have 50 of them.

In other news, things are progressing well with the new line-up. You super-scientifical internet sleuth-types might have read that Tony is no longer with us, and that is correct. To rectify this, Carl is now on guitar duties (along with Garrett), and our friend Chubbz (who plays with Dave in Worldeater, and also did the cover art for When All Became None as well as our "tentacles" shirt design) is behind the battery throne of bone. New incantantions are progressing nicely, and all is well within our rank. Expect more updates as they are available to disclose. Until then, thanks as always for your support. Haters, you know the drill: get to dying already.