Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10/10: Unearthly Trance, Suma, Racebannon, Lps...

Flier contains all relevant infos, but in summation our first show with the revamped and here-to-stay lineup is on October 10, in our fair burrough of Naptown. We are incredibly pleased to once again be playing with our good friends Unearthly Trance, extended Bloomingtonian brethren Racebannon, and the mighty Suma, crossing the seas from Scandinavia into our wretched country to lay waste to eardrums. This won't be a night to be missed, so don't fuck around and stay at home jacking off to tranny porn. UT will hopefully have their new full-length V for sale, which is simply fucking crushing, and at the top of their recorded output. Conversely, we will have the usual salvo of Cds, Lps, shirts, and patches available.

Speaking of Lps: Seventh Rule are getting low on their copies of When All Became None on the venerable vinyl format. Seeing as this is a one-time pressing of 514 copies, if you covet one follow the link posted before and get one before they are gone. The Cd will remain in print indefinitely, but the vinyl is a one-shot deal. Our copies will NOT be made available for online sale, so this is no online chicanery: if you want one don't fuck around.

As usual: hails for support. Balls available for hater ingestion, inquire about pricing.