Tuesday, July 21, 2009

review in decibel no. 59 (sept. 2009)

Coffinworm Great Bringer of Night
Indianapolis' Coffinworm are an unholy combination of Deathspell Omega (evil high-end dissonance) and Eyehategod (don't-give-a -fuck bludgeoning). A blackened Unearthly Trance, perhaps? Bob Fouts of Gates of Slumber did the recording, and it kills. Guitars assault in swarms, while bass flows like lava. This is heavy; this is metal. - Cosmo Lee

Thursday, July 9, 2009

shower us with shit and piss.

'Great Bringer of Night' demo release
There are still some of the first run of 100 copies left, which can be purchased through us directly via mailorder (PayPal coffinworm@gmail.com - $8 USD for demo/shipping if in the continental U.S. or $10 USD for those outside the U.S.) or at shows. Distros interested in carrying copies of the demo, get in touch through the band email (above).

'TBA' full-length release
Our full-length record will see it's release early in 2010 (most likely March/April) on CD format by the mighty Profound Lore Records. We'll be entering Volume Studios, Chicago, Ill., with Sanford Parker (who needs no introduction) at the helm in early December to lay down our filth. Visual terrorist Justin Bartlett (http://www.vberkvlt.com) will be handling the art and layout. Vinyl details are currently TBA (interested labels, get in touch).

'Start Saving...' t-shirts
Only 3 shirts are left and we don't plan on printing this design again. All are size Medium. Mailorder prices (including shipping): $14 USD within continental U.S. and $17 USD for those outside the U.S. PayPal coffinworm@gmail.com, but email first to verify availability.

We should have new shirts in the next few months. We have new stickers and should have buttons in a few days. We're currently focusing on writing the last of the songs for the full-length, but are playing 2 shows in the coming months that are not to miss if you live in the area.

Friday, Aug. 14th @ Emerson Theater, Indianapolis, IN w/ The Gates of Slumber, Serpentcult, Zoroaster, Demiricous, & Apostle of Solitude.

Saturday, Sept. 12th @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN w/ Keelhaul & 1 TBA