Monday, August 16, 2010

2Pacalypse Now aka: we made it.

The Tupacalyptic Raids ultra-mega-mini tour was a success, and your boys from the Midwest have returned safe and in one piece. It was a success, and for that we thank those of you who came out and showed some support, bought something from us, or hoisted a fine ale with us. Hails! With that some thanks are in order:

Overarching thanks: Todd "Shearer Terror" Shearer for being an impeccable friend, roadie, driver, and a penultimate dude. We appreciate it to the utmost, let's do this again! Also thanks to J-Rock for Van-O-War rental.

Philly: thanks to Kim Kelly for the show and her unwavering support. Also thanks to Wizard Eye (Eric: sorry I was about to piss on your car) and the M1 room. Big ups to Andrew and Lisa for the provisions and hospitality, and of course Ella and Nora. Lastly we hail Garrett's soulmate/security guard.

Crooklyn: infinite hails to Jay "The King" Newman and all of Unearthly Trance. You made this show one of the most memorable we've ever played, and we can't thank you enough. Big ups also to Meredith Newman for the incredible hospitality her and Jay showed a bunch of feral dickhead Hoosiers. Archon and Syphilitic Lust also elicit huge hails for sharing the floor with us, and all of you that came out as well. Fred/Brooklyn Vegan: always a pleasure, our man! Thanks to Jr, Brendon, and Ben from Maine in particular. Phil: thanks for not letting Todd and I go burn down half of the city at 6 in the am. For that matter, thanks to Darren for dissuading us from making the trek to The Motherfucking Spot On Lexington. Also big ups to Bonecrusher, because he don't care, he don't give a SHIT about NOTHIN!

Baltimore: thanks to Alex and Adam for making this happen. Also infinite hails to Mike and Marrow (the 7" fucking kills)and Lee and Vulcan. Also thanks to John from DC and the cat in the Fatal shirt for the support and making the trek. Also the bartender from the Talking Head Room is one of the coolest bartenders ever, so thanks for that, and if you drink there tip that dude!

FUCK OFF AND TOSS SALADS IN HELL: The NJ turnpike: Jesus titty-fucking christ, is this really what the state of modern mass transportation has come to? Taglio staff: only one horizontal line is wrong with your sign. Those endless PA hills/mountains: motherfuckers, it takes more than a slope to kill us.

So to all of you who came out and made this a weekend to remember, allow us to simply say thanks. We won't ever forget it.

Locals: come see us Friday at the new Dojo with Planks and Tombs. After that: silence until October.

Long live the beast.