Sunday, August 8, 2010

TuPacalyptic Raids

Pardon the shitty picture. Here is what the actual gatefold Lps look like, and as you can see they came out quite striking. Thanks of the highest caliber to Scott and Cara from Seventh Rule, they went the extra mile for us, and we appreciate it.

The Altar of Plagues show was a success, even with a few fumbles on our part. We solider onward, and are continuing to write new material, which we will begin to incorporate into our sets when perfected. Our next local show will be with Tombs on August 20th, and after that we plan on laying off of the live assaults for awhile in order to focus on writing.

We leave Thursday night for the TuPacalyptic Raids mini tour, so check out the previous post for more info, and if you live near one of the shows, come out and say hello. We will have heaps of merchandise to unload, as well as many tankards of fine ales to hoist high. Any help with lodging, and um, "hospitality," will be welcomed and rewarded in kind.

Thanks again to all of you who care, we appreciate it.