Sunday, August 9, 2009

review from 'cerebral metalhead'

You don't find metal this sludgy outside of New Orleans. Except in Indiana, where the fearsome fivesome Coffinworm shit out tar-thick doom even viler than Eyehategod's. Gates of Slumber drummer Bob Fouts was behind the boards on this three-track demo, and the tones he captured sound like mics were placed directly into the Indianapolis sewage system -- every sputum rivulet and feedback-drenched chug rubs the ears the wrong way, which is to say the exact right way. On "High on the Reek of Your Burning Remains," Coffinworm set queasy treble guitar skree, drawn from the haunting arpeggios of Norwegian black metal, against swinging doom riffs. It's a truly ominous, hateful effect. Coffinworm are set to record their first full-length with Sanford Parker (Minsk/Nachtmystium/Indian). It'll come out next year via Profound Lore, which sets the label's awesome band percentage at a healthy 100%.

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