Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back from SXSW

We've returned home to both Indiana and normalcy following our post-Texas expedition. Even with so much red-tape surrounding SXSW we still managed to have fun and drink ourselves into a coma. Our sincerest of thanks go to Chris Bruni, Ryan Oesch, Phil Hook, Kim Kelly, Salome folks, Dark Castle folks, Fred/Brooklyn Vegan, Hoek's Death Metal Pizza, Headhunters, Billy Milano, Mala Suerte, Zoroaster, The Gates of Slumber, Landmine Marathon, Kill The Client, Hatred Surge, Yakuza, and all of the other bands and folks we got to hang out with. Also, big ups to Carl and Todd for their navigational abilities amidst a hipster holocaust and a van full of drunken noon idiots, as well as Darkthrone and The Dwarves for being two of the best bands ever, even with their more recent missteps.

We still have some copies of the absolute last batch of demos, as well as some of the absolute last batch of the Start Saving shirts. Orders through the Big Cartel link as per norm.

Chris will soon have the When All Became None Cds available through Profound Lore. You may alternately procure it from us at the Historic Melody Inn on April 16th when Lair of the Minotaur, Slam Dunk and some additional homies will be in the buildin'.

As always, thanks to all who've enjoyed, supported, criticized, or complained of our campaign.

Hails and vengeance.